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Ningaloo Reef Itinerary: A Four-Night Stay

Are you dreaming of exploring Exmouth, Western Australia, for a few days? We’ve put together a four-night itinerary to make your trip unforgettable.  

For those looking to get away for the weekend, we’ve already outlined a pretty fantastic two-night itinerary for your stay at Ningaloo Reef. 

While we know you’d love to spend four days swimming with the whale sharks, there’s so much more that Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth has to offer. However, if you’re thinking of staying a little longer, here are some suggestions for a four-night stay in Exmouth.  

Note: we recommend adding our suggestions below to our two-night plan for a truly adventure-filled itinerary.


Enjoy a guided tour through Mandu Mandu Gorge

After a couple of busy days in the water, why not start your day with a relaxing stroll through Mandu Mandu Gorge in Cape Range National Park? 

The Mandu Mandu trail is a three-kilometre loop along the gorge rim descending into the gorge. If you’re a lover of wildlife, the tour is an excellent walk through the great Australian bush, where you’ll have the chance to spot the rare black-footed rock-wallaby along with many other native wildlife. 

As an added bonus, if you’re staying at Sal Salis, it’s just two kilometres behind camp or a 45-50-minute scenic drive from the beautiful Exmouth township. 


Take an afternoon dip at Turquoise Bay

After your morning walk, it’s time for an afternoon dip at Turquoise Bay, one of Western Australia’s best beaches.

Located within Cape Range National Park, Turquoise is a great place to snorkel. 

We recommend jumping in at one end of the beach and letting the currents float you along the reef while you could spot effervescent reef fish, turtles, and stingrays. 


Unwind with a well-deserved drink

After a jam-packed day of adventures, you will have surely worked up a thirst. Why not head to Froth Craft Brewery in town for a meal and try one (or many) of their 14 artisan craft beers brewed on-site?


Grab a cofee from the Social Society 

After a big third day, start your last day with a hearty breakfast in town. If you love a good coffee, we recommend the Social Society in Exmouth. It’s an excellent spot for a coffee, and they cater for vegans and vegetarians, too!


Kayak in the Ningaloo Marine Park

By now, you’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time in the water, so why not spend some time on top of it? 

An afternoon of kayaking in the Ningaloo Marine Park is a beautiful experience and a fantastic way to take in everything Ningaloo Marine Park has to offer. 

It’s important to note that there are marked kayaking sites throughout the park where you can hitch your kayak to one of the moorings while you snorkel along the reef. If you need more information, the visitor centres in Exmouth and Coral Bay have leaflets with the locations of each mooring. 

Note: you can hire a kayak in town or Coral Bay. If you’d like a more educational experience, you can join a guided tour with one of the local operators.


Planning a visit with us? Make sure you check out our tour information page to learn about everything we have to offer.  

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