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She Captures the Magic

“Let’s go to the dog park,” said the most beautiful Brazilian-born spirit you will ever know. Vee is our blog feature for the week. She’s a tremendous photographer and videographer, founder of Blue Media Exmouth. Vee’s blog finishes our Exmouth wedding collective feature.

Describing Vee isn’t hard – she defines ‘warm hug.’ We had been trying to get together for weeks, and I was surprised when she invited me impromptu to the dog park – it’s near the school, and I had been threatening to take Mana, our blue staffie, for months but I have a habit of getting stuck in the home office. Always up for an adventure, I said, yes to her invitation, but thought it a funny location.

On the way to the park, Vee stopped to tell the next-door neighbour kids from down the street to meet us there and bring their dog. By the time we got there, the neighbourhood had converged – there must have been at least ten dogs running around. Add kids, a glass of wine, and laughs and it was less of an interview and more of the break I needed. I thought it to be the funniest thing – Vee forces you outside your comfort zone but it doesn’t feel like it when it’s happening, it feels like a warm hug.

I’ve seen the same phenomenon at the weddings she works – she is the perfect mixture of polished professional and laid back free-spirit. She gets the compelling, classic, and magical moment shots and all with ease. I’ve seen people around her drop their shoulders and take deep breaths just because of her presence.

Where her heart + soul is (aka Goal Card):

1.     Bringing more tourism to Exmouth WA

2.     Help Bamboo get into other areas of Australia

3.     Elopement packages – she loves them

4.     Community gardens – WATCH THIS SPACE! Live Ningaloo loves this project!

5.     More meaningful weddings

6.     Surf more – wants to cross step on her long board – I’m not a surfer, but if you are, she told me you would understand what this means.

Insider tip: When I asked her where someone should get married Vee says “Steps” telling me, ‘it has a bit of reef, light house, native plants running on the beach, waves, nice and clear. Wildlife like turtles, reef sharks, and orcas can even be spotted.’

If you have a special moment you want captured for eva, be sure to check her out.

Check out Our Tours tab on our website – you’ll find tours you can book there.

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Murray, Sonia & Live Ningaloo Crew!

The Titbits

“a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.”

Remember Reon from the Bamboo blog? Reon is Vee’s husband, and together they are what makes up the ‘new locals’ of Exmouth WA – blowing a breath of fresh air and life into our little town.

Vee has been in Australia since 1991 and has honed her craft for over 14 years specialising in the Exmouth area.

Describing the perfect tourist day, she said she would encourage people to get a car and rent some snorkelling equipment. Pop into Bamboo on your way and pick up a coffee and grab your lunch to go. What Vee suggest for tourist – Drive to light house bay and see if you can catch a glimpse turtles.

Wander into the National Park, SLOWLY, and you’ll likely see Bush Turkeys, Ospreys, Perenties, Wedgie Tails, Echidna’s, etc. Make sure to stop at Turquoise Bay for a clear snorkelling reef fish session. After your Turquoise Bay sesh head to Sandy Bay to enjoy your lunch and explore.

Head back to Mandu Mandu gorge for a walk to work off your eats and finish your epic day at the Lighthouse for the most beautiful sunset.

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