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Small Group Tours: The Reason it Matters 

Small group tours are often overlooked by excited travellers, with many people blindly signing up for the “biggest and best” options on offer. However, less is undoubtedly more when it comes to an intimate and bespoke experience exploring Ningaloo Reef. 

Whether you are heading off on a sightseeing tour, a day tour around a new city, or maybe even a tour through a museum or an art gallery, there is one thing that is destined to make your experience far more enjoyable: the size of your tour group.

That is precisely why our tours focus on small group experiences, meaning your time exploring Ningaloo Reef is more intimate, educational, and completely unforgettable.

When you join us in exploring the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef Marine Park in the Indian Ocean, we want to make sure you get the most nag for your buck and leave feeling fulfilled and itching to do it all again.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why small group tours matter.

Small group tours offer a more intimate experience

If you have been dreaming of swimming with whale sharks or humpback whales for some time now, the last thing you want is to have to share that experience with too many strangers, cramped together in a crowded boat.

That is just one reason why our whale shark tours are strictly limited to a maximum of 10 guests per tour. A small group tour means more options for you and your friends, more flexibility, fewer logistical headaches, and most importantly, more time in the water with these incredible animals.

Being a small group tour, you will also enjoy more access to our team. When it comes to larger tours, there are only so many people that a tour guide/operator can get to at any one time. With a small group tour, you’ll have more opportunities to ask questions, chat, and learn during your tour.

Small group tours are kid-friendly

We understand the challenges that travelling with children can create for parents, especially when you throw in all the excitement of swimming with 12 to 18-metre long abyskincare.com whale sharks. Fortunately, due to the limited size of our tours and the expertise of our team, our swimming tours are a great fit for a variety of ages and swimming abilities; we accept confident swimmers from four years of age.

If your children aren’t comfortable in the water or interested in swimming, that’s no problem at all. You don’t have to swim to join our swimming tours, as we are more than happy to accept passengers as observers.

We pride ourselves on providing the most educational and safest tours possible, and we are only able to achieve this by limiting the size of our tour groups.

Less reliance on others

There is not much worse than waiting around for other people who aren’t part of your travelling party or family.

By offering small group tours of just 10 guests, we can limit how reliant you are on other guests. Reducing our numbers means less risk of waiting for other guests. It also means we can offer a more flexible itinerary, with fewer people to look after.

Small group tours also allow you to ask more questions and learn as much as you can from our team during your tour.

You don’t have to worry about your transport

By keeping our tours to a limited size, we can offer complimentary transfers to and from the Exmouth township to our departure point. This takes the stress off your shoulders, keeps costs down, and means all you have to worry about is having an incredible experience.

Not small enough? Why not book a private tour? 

If joining a group of other travellers isn’t quite your speed, we also offer the ability to book a private tour. Private tours provide the most flexibility, a truly bespoke and personal experience, and it allows you to control exactly who you share your time in the water with.

If you are interested in booking a private tour, make sure you contact us to secure your place, as spots fill up quickly.

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