Ningaloo Reef Tours

Embark on a remarkable journey into the heart of the Indian Ocean with Live Ningaloo, where intimate encounters with the majestic marine life of Western Australia await.

Our unique, small-group tours are curated to provide meaningful and authentic interactions with the extraordinary ecosystem of the 5000-square-kilometre Ningaloo Marine Park, a recognised World Heritage Site.

At Live Ningaloo, we understand that nature is ever-changing, and no two tours are alike. We embrace the diverse conditions of the open ocean, which add to the authentic and unpredictable adventure of marine touring. With us, every tour holds the promise of discovery, a new story, and a new chance to marvel at the ocean’s wonders.

From the enchanting dances of manta rays to the serene beauty of whale sharks, our tours are tailored to the seasonal rhythms of marine life, ensuring you the best possible opportunity to witness the captivating natural spectacles of Ningaloo Reef.

Whether you’re dreaming of swimming alongside the gentle giants of the sea or observing the intricate rituals of turtles, we offer a range of tours throughout the year to cater to your adventurous spirit. Every Live Ningaloo tour is also available as a private charter option, providing an even more personalised encounter with the marine world.

Snorkell the Ningaloo Reef with us, and let the ocean’s rhythm guide your unforgettable journey.

Our Difference

Small, single swimming groups matter


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Here’s what it looks like

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Our Tours

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Swim with Whale Sharks

Dreaming of swimming with the worlds largest living sharks in the turquoise waters of Ningaloo Reef? Our Swim with Whale Sharks day tour is for you.

icon faunas | Live Ningaloo

Life on Ningaloo

This is a tour for people who want the ultimate adventure: humpback whale, whale shark, and manta rays.

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Turtle Eco Adventure Tour

Join us to see a variety of ocean life in the magnificent Ningaloo coral reef lagoon.